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Residential Artificial Grass - Artificial Grass Pros of San Antonio

With Artificial Grass Pros of San Antonio, you can enjoy perfectly groomed lawns without the added maintenance and say goodbye to mowing for good. Our high-quality synthetic turf is the best in the industry to eliminate any lawn maintenance.

You can choose different blade shapes to customize according to your landscaping needs. You can personalize your lawn in any color you want, and it is custom designed to suit small to large yards. In addition, our team is committed to providing all residents with the best artificial grass to last up to 25 years. 

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With our professional installation crew, you will get an experienced team that will make expert suggestions based on your individual needs. For us, customer service is essential, and you will notice it with every installation we do. In addition, our synthetic turf services are reasonably priced to create an oasis in your yard or the rooftop.

So, let’s help transform your landscaping to look great year-round, as it has loads of benefits. Our fake grass is kid and pet-friendly to play on and comfortable to lay on simultaneously. Your children and animals are safe because you will not need to expose the grass to harmful chemicals.

You’ll have no muddy paw prints or footprints in your clean home, and brown spots will become a thing of the past. Artificial turf needs no maintenance, so using electricity or gas is no more needed, making it an eco-friendly option. In addition, the grass will look great year in and year out.

On the other hand, you save water without the need for watering. So it saves you a lot on your water bills. Then it also eliminates puddles, and we even add small irrigation channels for the excess water to drain away.

So, with the low maintenance costs and saving money on water and other maintenance products installing artificial grass remains a viable option.

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“We had our front and back lawn replaced with artificial grass and are very happy with the results. The team of Artificial Grass Pros is amazing and accommodating.”

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